WiiMC is free, open-source software brought to you by dedicated developers who have contributed countless hours and significant funding. We ask that if you find the application useful, please consider supporting WiiMC.

We would be particularly grateful for contributions such as:

  • documentation
  • translation
  • hosting services
  • programming
  • equipment
  • monetary donations via PayPal. Note that all funds collected will help improve WiiMC by covering out-of-pocket expenses such as administrative fees, hosting services, and hardware and software licenses.

We welcome anything else you may be willing to offer. Please email Tantric to get in touch with us.

A big thanks to the following users who have donated:

Aaron R.Björn H.David R.Henri B.Joseph W.Matthew A.Remko K.Stephen N.
ACBogdan E.David T.Israel S.Julianno S.Matthew M.Reno L.Steven A.
Alexandre S.BoondoklifeDavid V.Jamie H.Kai D.Manuel M.Rishi P.Stu W.
Alexis P.Borut V.Denise B.Jeff T.Kevin S.Mickaël C.Robert B.Sven S.
Andor C.Carlos P.Enrique P.Jennifer P.Leandro S.Mike E.Robert K.Tam H.
Andrea C.Carlos R.Evgen S.Jens H.Leif H.Mike S.Robert W.Thierry B.
Andreas P.Christian K.Fabio S.Jim B.Lev G.Morgan G.Ronald K.Tim C.
Andy P.Christopher C.Fernando C.Johannes S.Lewis U.Ntiana-Fedra I.Sal G.Todor G.
Angel S.Damdam W.Francisco M.Johannes Z.Marc L.P. OliverSaulius M.Venkat D.
Antonio M.Daniel F.Frank B.John Z.Marius A.Paul A.Scott W.Xoan F.
Antonio R.Daniel R.Frank Q.Jonathan S.Martin O.Paul F.Sean R.
Artun K.Dave B.Gilberto G.Jordan B.Martin W.Philip W.Slobodan P.
Bertram W.David B.Grahame C.Joseph F.Mathias K.Pierre J.Steve C.


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