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    i love this app alot.
    Today we bought a new TV which has no ports to connect an old external DVD player.
    This is the reason why I am investigating how to play dvd on wii.
    As far as I have found out it looks like to be impossible.

    I am running a soft modded Wii. Wii Version is 4.2E
    Can anyone provide a tipp on how to use it as a DVD player?

    I would love to see the dvd playback feature work on WiiMc, because this is the Nr. one app I am using to play ripped movies.

    I hope to hear soon.





    It’s been years since I messed with this stuff, That said.

    1. Almost positive only early model wii’s could play dvd’s. Later models had the dvd reader in the drive disabled.
    You should be able to search the web and see what year/serial that started

    2. You also need the ios installed. I think it was ios 052.
    Same way you need one to the enable the back usb slot to read flash /hd drives.

    Best way is to just rip them into .mp4 and put them on a usb stick
    or stream it to wiimc from your pc using samba shares.
    At one time I shared my whole DVD drive on my PC, then connected wiimc to it via samba share.




    thanks a lot for your reply.
    I will try find the serials and to see if I have istalled IOS052.

    Thanks a lot



    The only IOS that WiiMC needs is IOS58.

    A little about the Wii. Only White Wii will play burned discs, but not all white Wii will. Colored Wii, like black or red or blue will not play burned disc. Nintendo started manufacturing Wii in Nov/Dec 2009 that could not play burned disc, right around the time the black Wii was released. When you used the hackmii installer to softmod your Wii, if you could install BootMii as boot2 than you surely have a Wii that can play burned dvd.

    When I used WiiMC, I stored all my movies in a folder on my PC and shared it via SMB, WiMC was great for that. Also loaded movies via usb stick with WiiMC. Now I use Kodi on a FireTV stick to watch movies, I can even put movies on a usb stick and plug it into the back of my tv and watch them that way with no additional hardware. Burning movies to disc is so old by about 10 years.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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