Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GuiButtonDisplay, manage, and manipulate buttons in the GUI. Buttons can have images, icons, text, and sound set (all of which are optional)
GuiElementPrimary GUI class. Most other classes inherit from this class
GuiFileBrowserDisplay a list of files
GuiImageDisplay, manage, and manipulate images in the GUI
GuiImageDataConverts image data into GX-useable RGBA8. Currently designed for use only with PNG files
GuiKeyboardOn-screen keyboard
GuiOptionBrowserDisplay a list of menu options
GuiSoundSound conversion and playback. A wrapper for other sound libraries - ASND, libmad, ltremor, etc
GuiTextDisplay, manage, and manipulate text in the GUI
GuiTriggerMenu input trigger management. Determine if action is neccessary based on input data by comparing controller input data to a specific trigger element
GuiWindowAllows GuiElements to be grouped together into a "window"

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