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Display, manage, and manipulate text in the GUI. More...

#include <gui.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GuiText (const char *t, int s, GXColor c)
 GuiText (const char *t)
 ~GuiText ()
void SetText (const char *t)
void SetPresets (int sz, GXColor c, int w, u16 s, int h, int v)
void SetFontSize (int s)
void SetMaxWidth (int w)
void SetScroll (int s)
void SetWrap (bool w, int width=0)
void SetColor (GXColor c)
void SetStyle (u16 s)
void SetAlignment (int hor, int vert)
void Draw ()
 Constantly called to draw the text.

Protected Attributes

char * origText
 Original text data.
wchar_t * text
 Unicode text value.
int size
 Font size.
int maxWidth
 Maximum width of the generated text object (for text wrapping).
bool wrap
 Wrapping toggle.
wchar_t * textDyn
 Wrapped text value.
int textScroll
 Scrolling toggle.
int textScrollPos
 Current starting index of text string for scrolling.
int textScrollInitialDelay
 Delay to wait before starting to scroll.
int textScrollDelay
 Scrolling speed.
u16 style
 FreeTypeGX style attributes.
GXColor color
 Font color.

Detailed Description

Display, manage, and manipulate text in the GUI.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GuiText::GuiText ( const char *  t,
int  s,
GXColor  c 


t Text
s Font size
c Font color
Constructor for the GuiText class.

GuiText::GuiText ( const char *  t  ) 

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts. Assumes SetPresets() has been called to setup preferred text attributes

t Text
Constructor for the GuiText class, uses presets

GuiText::~GuiText (  ) 


Destructor for the GuiText class.

Member Function Documentation

void GuiText::Draw (  )  [virtual]

Constantly called to draw the text.

Draw the text on screen

Reimplemented from GuiElement.

void GuiText::SetAlignment ( int  hor,
int  vert 
) [virtual]

Sets the text alignment

hor Horizontal alignment (ALIGN_LEFT, ALIGN_RIGHT, ALIGN_CENTRE)
vert Vertical alignment (ALIGN_TOP, ALIGN_BOTTOM, ALIGN_MIDDLE)

Reimplemented from GuiElement.

void GuiText::SetColor ( GXColor  c  ) 

Sets the font color

c Font color

void GuiText::SetFontSize ( int  s  ) 

Sets the font size

s Font size

void GuiText::SetMaxWidth ( int  w  ) 

Sets the maximum width of the drawn texture image

w Maximum width

void GuiText::SetPresets ( int  sz,
GXColor  c,
int  w,
u16  s,
int  h,
int  v 

Sets up preset values to be used by GuiText(t) Useful when printing multiple text elements, all with the same attributes set

sz Font size
c Font color
w Maximum width of texture image (for text wrapping)
s Font size
h Text alignment (horizontal)
v Text alignment (vertical)

void GuiText::SetScroll ( int  s  ) 

Enables/disables text scrolling

s Scrolling on/off

void GuiText::SetStyle ( u16  s  ) 

Sets the FreeTypeGX style attributes

s Style attributes

void GuiText::SetText ( const char *  t  ) 

Sets the text of the GuiText element

t Text

void GuiText::SetWrap ( bool  w,
int  width = 0 

Enables/disables text wrapping

w Wrapping on/off
width Maximum width (0 to disable)

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