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USB Problems

December 25th, 2010
Ever since WiiMC was first released, there have been people having issues getting their USB devices working. We would try to address these on a case-by-case basis, but sometimes this would in fact result in one person’s drive starting working and another person’s drive stopping working. Without going into all the history: I would like to state that the USB code WiiMC uses is actually a part of libogc, not WiiMC itself, and that this code is shared by all Wii homebrew applications. It is also worth noting that this code was not written by the WiiMC Team.

Rodries has been working to improve USB device recognition in libogc, and now he needs your help. To start with, he has written a small tester application that runs through 7 tests and writes the results to your SD card to a file named log_usb.txt. Please run the tests if you can and upload the results to this forum thread. Everyone’s logs (especially those with non-working devices) will help rodries sort out the compatibility issues.

Version 1.7 released with more debug info.
Version 1.8 released with another test.
Version 1.9 released with another test and wake up test fixed.
Version 1.10 released. Internal changes
Version 1.11 released. Internal changes
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