Installing WiiMC Setup Settings Button Mappings Frequently Asked Questions

Is WiiMC able to play HD videos?

WiiMC cannot play resolutions above 720p, and although WiiMC may play some 720p videos, they will be downscaled to 480p. Therefore, it is highly recommended to limit the videos you play to 480p at most.

Help! My USB device isn’t showing up!

Do you have IOS58 installed? If not, use the IOS58 Installer. Is HBC using IOS58? If not, reinstall it. Finally, check that WiiMC is using IOS58. If WiiMC is using IOS58, then your device is unsupported. Please note that this does not indicate a WiiMC bug. This is not a limitation of WiiMC, but rather the library it uses, libogc.

DVDs don’t play. I get the message “DVD playback is not supported on this Wii.”.

Support for video commands was removed by Nintendo in newer DVD drives. Some Wiis purchased in 2009 and those purchased in 2010 forward do not support DVD video mode. If you are receiving this message, it’s because your Wii fits into this category – it cannot play and will never be able to play DVDs.

Why do my subtitles in show up improperly (or not at all)?

Be sure that subtitles are enabled (under Settings > Subtitles > Visibility). You may need to change the codepage (under Settings > Subtitles > Codepage) to the one appropriate for the language. If one codepage does not work, try another. Additionally, if the subtitle language does not use a Latin alphabet, you need to replace ‘subfont.ttf’ contained in ‘apps/wiimc’ with a font file that supports the language. Finally, try switching subtitle tracks by using the UP button while playing a video.

Something isn’t working right, how do I get help?

Start by reading all of the documentation – the answer you’re looking for might be there. If not, search the Forum to see if anyone has already asked the same question.

I have a question not covered by this FAQ. Where can I get an answer?

Check out the Forum, your answer may be there. Otherwise, make a new post and wait patiently for a response. Please be aware that it’s possible no-one will have an answer to your question.