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    When playing multiple songs via shuffle or continuous via USB 1.1, WiiMC will crash if it tries to switch to a song that’s ~15MB or larger. This doesn’t happen if it’s the first song, only if it’s the second or later.

    This does not happen when using an SD card, nor did it happen in WiiMC 1.0.3 (though loading larger songs was a BIT slow, it took like 5 seconds)

    Clarification: This is when reading files off of a USB device INSIDE WiiMC, not running WiiMC itself from a USB device (in this case, it makes no difference whether WiiMC is located on an SD card or a USB device)

    BACKGROUND INFO: I never successfully got USB 2.0 working (and in fact it killed USB support in WiiMC period), so I just removed IOS202 via anytitle deleter, which allowed USB to work again (though at 1.1 speeds, but I just use it for music so it’s fine). Also the IOS202 installer (both online and offline) gives an error (along with the channel installer).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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