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    I can’t change aspect ratio from auto to anything else.


    Initially I could change it, but all of a sudden it stopped changing. Now it won’t let me change it from auto, even after resetting it many times. This was installed as an update, rather than a clean install. I’ll try a clean one and see if I can work out what causes it to lock onto auto.

    EDIT: I just tried a completely clean install. This time it was stuck on auto right from the start. So I re-installed 1.0.1 and set it to 4:3. Then I re-installed 1.0.2, and it was still set to 4:3. So I cycled through the options until I hit auto, and then it wouldn’t change again. The moment it hits auto, even before you leave the menu, it jams on there.
    I forgot to mention, I’m running files over an SMB network, if that makes any difference.


    Yes, just a minor menu code bug. Fixed for 1.0.3, or as you found out, you can change from 1.0.1 or better yet, by editing the XML file.


    Nice to know you’re on top of it. Thanks for all the great work you’re putting into this project. It’s looking to be a fantastic piece of work! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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