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    Hi There

    Having used WiiMc for literally years now I’d love to know if you guys have ever thought about trying to port it to the 360 at all ? The main reason I ask, being that, WiiMc is very much like VLC Player in that it plays EVERYTHING, including embedded mp4 idx subs which most PC players don’t support, the only problem being the Wii’s power limitation, now I know a lot of people would help with donations and such to get a version running on the 360 as we are all desperate for something that actually plays, as the only release on 360 is FFPlay whilst ok and a good attempt doesn’t seem to be in development and is also just slow and tears constantly.

    Is it something we can ever hope for ?


    Also sorry if this has been asked before, a simple leave it will suffice =P


    Possible Xbox 360 Homebrew Development / Port ?

    Actually, I am asking the same question as well. There really is ZERO quality native media players for the Xbox 360 and the std “windows” media player within the xbox 360 has so many issues, restrictions and lacks real High Def abilities unless you allow yourself to get steered by Microsoft to there paid download sites.

    So the hardware totally has the ability to do this, it’s just through social/software engineering that you can’t get native High Def video playing on the xbox 360. Forget about .mkv’s. This is a classic case for real Homebrew development.

    If WiiMC decided to “port” to the xbox 360 platform there would be a stampede of users that will install it on there 360’s and totally abandon all the silly “media server” software transcoding solutions that are out there, as 360 users are forced to use the built-in Windows Media player on there 360’s, as there are NO alternatives. Playing videos using a homebrew app directly off of usb or smb drives, not only hugely simplifies video playing solutions and possible Windows computer overhead as you don’t need “media server” software, but also to get native HDef abilities, which is currently totally hampered by Microsoft.

    There are some other Homebrew video player attempts on the 360 out there, but they don’t have any proper Mplayer code in them “to play anything”, NONE are mature products, no support team, lack SMB, and are really poor. WiiMC would be amazing on the Xbox 360, as there is such a mature development team and because there really is zero competition of Homebrew xbox 360 native media players. The stampede from 360 users to WiiMC on the 360 would be, well…. crazy huge, as it’s the primary “problem” with the 360. Microsoft is still in “war” mode with the HD DVD vs BluRay movie playing drive support, and still has never developed a Sony BluRay drive for the 360. Instead they have opt’ed to push folks to MS download sites, Netflix and other “online” solutions where Microsoft continually collects there $75/yr fee for the required Xbox Live service, just to have something as simple as Netflix. If you guys ever contemplated a port, the 360 is in real need, and the install base is huge.

    If you asked folks to “donate” for Xbox 360 development, I know I would be the first to pony up and litterly tonnes of others would as well. Anyways, think about it, I think it’s a worthy consideration, it also would allow you guys to diversify a bit, which might be kind of fun 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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