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    As the title suggests, When playing a 4:3 video the ratio seems a little off. Just by eye the picture is too wide.

    A 4:3 ratio should be a (1 : 1.333333) but using a tape measure i get a ratio of (1 : 1.46153).

    This is on a PAL wii using wiimc 1.0.1 with a widescreen tv (16:9).

    At a guess it could be that the 4:3 code assumes a 16:10 tv?


    Just a quick heads up. A little more experimentation seems to suggest the the problem might be due to some sort of over scan.

    Whilst looking at the video options I noticed that you can adjust the screen zoom. Setting the vertical to 88% and the Horizontal to 87% now allows me to watch my videos at the correct ratio.


    I spoke to Tantric on the IRC serveral days ago, and it seems the aspect ratio detection seems to be bugged, he knows about it, and I am sure he will be looking into it when he gets around to it.

    Basically I run everything at the max widescreen resinstead of 4.3 (even though I have a 4.3 tv), and this stops all stretching and compressing of the screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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