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    I’m wondering if we may get AFP (Apple file-sharing protocol) support in subsequent WiiMC releases at some point in time? While I have no insight into WiiMC development (yet) and thus not the slightest clue about possible opportunities … may it be possible to achieve this with netatalk(?)

    From my very own perspective it would be a great addition to the current SMB/CIFS support for network shares – works more reliable + faster for me – and one thing less MS always is a good thing IMO. In fact, the only reason my Ubuntu home-server still provides SMB/CIFS as a service is our Wii. All other clients, in my case an iMac and several Ubuntu client machines use AFP and they actually seem to like it much better than SMB/CIFS :p



    @rhorstkoetter wrote:

    may it be possible to achieve this with netatalk(?)

    Err, scratch that – it’s a bit (too) late already. netatalk certainly is the AFP server implementation and we’d need a client implementation for WiiMC. If this feature request turns out to be worked on by WiiMC devs, I may research what Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (seem to) use as an AFP client implementation – it actually just worked like magic at my GF’s rig some days ago and thus I haven’t put any more thoughts into it (yet).

    EDIT: OK, the AFP client implementation in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS seems to be part of GVFS. Just as a quick rather high-level follow-up. See


    I don’t think implementing something “Apple” is really the best approach either 😉 .

    I’d rather see DLNA added.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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