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    I came here to thank you guys for your amazing app WiiMC.
    It’s just wow. I’m really freaking speachless.
    Currently I’m streaming Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete!
    What the heck? (755mb MP4). In addition to that, it’s not streaming from my computer it’s streaming from my nasdrive (wireless drive).

    Incredible. I’m just amazed.

    Thanks for this great and one of the best (or the best) media player for wii.
    I encourage you guys to keep on going.

    Thanks again.
    *Goes to WiiMC and keeps watching FFVII*


    Vanitas, I have posted instructions on how to stream from a PC using VLC.

    How about you post more about how you stream from a wireless NAS drive.

    I for one would like to know how I can do that too.

    What’s the drive and what do you have to do to set it up on both the drive and in WIIMC?


    I just realized that you are probably not referring to streaming the file from NAS as a streaming server and accessing it on the WII as on-line media, but rather to simply accessing a file on your NAS drive via SMB, just as you would for any file on a local WII drive.

    That file server access however still constrains you to playing only SD video files via the WII, whereas a streaming server like VLC allows you to transform and play your HD files as well.

    Can you confirm which it is?


    Well, with the help of my father it was just SMB Share.
    First what I did is go to \nadrive and picked my share folder (in this case the share name is ‘gab’)
    The only thing I needed was the share IP which was different than my computer.

    In other words, yeah it was an SMB Share and for the first time I played video file with no lags, nothing.
    It’s interesting because I try to play videos from my nasdrive and it takes a while in my computer but for the WiiMC its just a couple of seconds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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