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    Replace “viWidth = 672” for “viWidth = 704” in video.cpp


    To display videos with square pixels properly, it’s also what Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video are using.

    Not to mention that if that value gets changed I can identify its location in a hex editor and edit the value anytime I’d need.


    u can do it with the wii hombrew complier and is there any other performace things youu can do to the wiimc i was thinking of replacing code and replace it with wayland and its faster uses less power and not sloppy like miss sys calls


    @leon777 wrote:

    u can do it with the wii hombrew complier…

    Wrong, if that was all that was needed I would have done it a long time ago.
    More like: libfribidi, libexif and libconv don’t compile no matter what you do. (Using XP at least) Not to mention the long time it takes to compile each that you start to get demotivated when you get a compile error.

    There’s nothing I can change/add to improve performance, WiiMC is pretty much perfect to me, I was just starting to get annoyed that I can clearly see a black line on the right of the screen caused by using 672 and if we set this to 704 no one should ever notice any black line/s and get videos to display square pixels at the same time; two birds one rock.

    704 is not ideal for DVDs but considering the difference is minimal no one will notice a thing, it’s for this reason that I also posted a similar request in the feature suggestion area, to be able to toggle between values or specify.

    Just ask yourself do you want to see every pixel of the video or do you want to not be aware of what you’re missing? Go with the latter because each TV has different levels of overscan and you’re already losing who knows how much when you’re at 100% vertical zoom; which should be = to stretching videos to 480 lines, kind of like how the YouTube app stretches 360p(if 4:3) videos to 456 lines.

    I can do what I want to some extent by setting my Wii to 16:9, WiiMC will use 720 instead which lets me partially mold the video into fitting the screen with the video zoom options but it’s not practical at all. So I discarded this option completely.


    Well well, I could never figure out why those libs failed to compile but ended up doing what I wanted by some creative hex editing.

    Basically I can’t compile WiiMC, right? But I can compile VBAGX (for example) and use that to reference what to hex edit so I basically cut down 2000 instances of the value 2A0(672) to one.

    And so here it is:
    If anyone wants square pixels out of their videos or just want to fill out their screen they can use this.

    If anyone wants to use their own viWidth value to fit their needs/TV they can go to hex address 0x1109F2 and manually change the value from 640 to 720, this is of course for people who use their Wii at 4:3 aspect ratio. 16:9 is already using high values so you can use screen zoom to fit your preferences.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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