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    I was trying to use vlc-shares remotely over the internet with my android.
    I am able to use the web pages (http:\{WAN_IP}vlc-sharespublic etc) up to “Go to stream” using my WAN ip address.

    But when clicking “Go to stream” it tried to open rtsp:\{LAN_IP}:5554android.sdp, where LAN_IP e.g. = .
    Obviously the LAN_IP cannot be found on the WAN.


    wait for 0.5.4. older version aren’t ready for internet streaming, even if sometimes they work. as workaround. you can try changing output params replacing placeholder with you ip address (if it is static) or with an hostname


    Another fast fix:

    go inside Outputs setting from vlc-shares management interface (http://localhost/vlc-shares/public/outputs) and replace in “stream source” params the value




    Thanks, filling in my dyndns address helped!
    Using {%SERVER_NAME%} included the port (which in my case is not 80, e.g. 9000), resulting in something like rtsp://{WAN_IP}:9000:5554/android.sdp

    With the rtsp feed I was only able to play video with vplayer.

    A http://{WAN_IP}:8081 stream could be played in the default gingerbread player, after I ran the following java program:
    Intent i = new Intent (Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
    final String url=”http://{WAN_IP}:8081″;

    If, however, I try to open a http://{WAN_IP}:8081 stream from the website (“Go to stream”) it says: “starting download” and “download failed”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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