Can’t get past Exception…Reload….Crash. 1.01 and 1.02.

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    Hi all, first post.

    I’ve tried the 1.01 and 1.02 releases but all I get is a crash/freeze.
    With 1.01 it crashes and ends with the ‘reload’ white on black screen. With 1.02 it crashes and the reload process seems to start…and then crashes fully. I’ve never got past this reload screen with both versions.

    I have a NTSC-U Wii. Maybe it might help my problem if I tell of it’s history.
    I got it for Resi4 Wii Edition and Metroid 3 originally at the end of 2007.
    I only have one more game. Twilight Princess. Simply so I could play some ScummVM.
    I Updated up until to 3.3U but since then it’s stayed on 3.3U. Apart from ScummVM, Bootmii as boot2 and the Homebrew Channel updates the only other homebrew that’s been on it is Twiizer’s original MPlayer port, MPlayerCE and the Freespace 2 port for which I had to install a USB2.0 CIOS. I still have the file it came as which is called ‘’. It’s beta3 by Neimod using IOS202.
    That is everything. I’m quite prudish about trying some of the software I see. I think I was weighing up the USB2 enabler for about half an hour but the thought of playing that game with a Wiimote was too much.

    Any ideas as to my problem? I wanted to try WiiMC as MPlayerCE gives me problems with crashes and generally feeling really unstable. Twiizer’s original MPlayer is OK but has no SDHC support. I think it only had the one release as a proof of concept.


    Upgrade your 202.


    I was going to edit my post but you’ve already replied Tantric.
    I was going to say I should of searched a bit more than I originally did. It seems others have the same problem.

    About this 202 installer. I thought that was for USB2.0 use only? I don’t plan on using any USB storage. The SanDisk Class4 card I have seems fine for standard resolution stuff.
    Or is it that the original cios_usb2 I have, for Freespace 2, is causing the reload problem anyway?

    I don’t understand much about Wii’s inner workings and stuff like IOSs even though I’ve read about it on Wiibrew.
    Can I just install your IOS202 whilst the original cios_usb2 is still on my Wii? Would it install side by side or totally delete my cios_usb2, which I don’t mind actually?


    It will overwrite the other 202. The problem is it’s loading the old 202 and that’s probably incompatible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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