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    Currently the only way to seek during video playback is an interval of time specified in the options. Being able to select chapters as the interval of time or to default to chapter support if they exist would be a nice feature addition. This might also work well in the form of a button modifier such as B+left or right skip (although this currently is mapped to changing screen width, which arguably is something that should be configured to be static based on the output display via the settings menu).

    Chapters are becoming more common with formats such as mkv (especially when ripped from dvd) and are a very useful and accurate standard of seeking during video playback. Also, the popular video player MPC-HC recently added chapter indicators to the seekbar, which further supports the idea that chapters are a commonplace feature in modern media. Seeing WiiMC have support for chapters via some form of control mapped to the wiimote during video playback would be a very useful feature.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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