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    I’m using WiiMC version 1.1.8 and recently I’ve been having it crash after about 1 minute has passed, regardless of what I’m doing on WiiMC. IT says reloading in 2 seconds, then turns to “Reload” and gets stuck there.

    The code Dump says:

    8061fd28: 89290010 7F890040 409D0028 812D1090
    8061fd38: 93Ed10A0 8929002C 2F890000 409E000C
    8061fd48: 2F800000 409E000C 38000001 900D0794

    I got my Wii on the launch day. Can someone help me out?


    It’s an HBC bug.

    Delete the no_ios_reload line from the meta.xml for the WiiMC app.


    thanks, it worked!


    I have those crashes, too. But they happen randomly. Sometimes when I just browse my hard disc, sometimes when one movie is finished and the next one should autostart after that (I don’t know if this happends when file 1 ends oder file 2 is about to load/start), sometimes when I’m just viewing my WiiMC seettings…

    Strange thing is, with WiiMC 1.1.4 this never happens. And I’m running WiiMC via the official and most current forwarder channel, so I don’t think this is HBC no_ios_reload related – or could it?


    Well, I tried all I that was within my powers I guess, but removing the no_ios_reload line in the XML file didn’t do anything; still crashes and freezes.

    Using 1.1.4 (IOS58 is valid and active!) or even better 1.0.4 (IOS202) is much more stable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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