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    I’ve had WiiMC v1.0.3 installed for a couple of weeks now. I run it via the Official Forwarder. This evening I was playing a video from a SMB share and a few minutes in, the video crashed. Not the first time this has ever happened, not even the first time on this particular video that it’d crashed – but what *was* different was that this time, after it the “Reload after 8 seconds” message and my Wii restarted, I went in to WiiMC and immediately noticed that my SMB shares (3 that I’d set up weeks ago) were all missing. I set them back up and started playback of the same video again. I noticed that the Aspect Ratio was not 16:9 as I’d had it set to previously. Checking all the settings, I see that they are all back to default.

    So in other words, after the crash, all customized settings were lost.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t note the code dump numbers.

    Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this, and if so, if anyone’s figured out if it’s reproduce-able.


    Back with 1.02 I lost the SMB settings I had just set up when WIIMC crashed “before I exited WIIMC normally”. My recollection is that settings are saved on exiting WIIMC not when exiting “settings”, but I think Tantric said that would be changed. I have no idea if it is done yet.


    Try this with 1.0.4…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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