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    I’ve had WiiMC streaming crash while streaming movies from some sites on the internet.

    Well, there’s no actual crash, the movie just stops, and I get thrown back to the channel, and I can click on it again, and start watching over, but I have to wait until the movie has loaded to the place I want to watch it.

    So, I was wondering what can I do to see what happened, have an error display somewhere.

    And this has brought me wondering, as well.. how does WiiMC handle stream buffering when the Wii has so little RAM? I was a Wii game developer for a couple of years, and I understand that you can stream HDD or SD hosted videos on the fly, but what happens when you’re getting something from the internet, and it’s downloading faster than it’s playing?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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