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    Greetings coders…

    I tried to compile WiimC myself, but didn’t get very far. I thought I would post what I am looking to accomplish and maybe someone could tweak the current build for me?

    My daughter is severely autistic and enjoys watching videos via WiiMC. However, she gets quite particular about which videos she watches and for how long. Since she can’t talk, she often simply brings you the remote over and over again, since the current button presses to select the next video are beyond her level of comprehension. [You have to wake up remote, hit home, hit down on d-pad, and then hit A.]

    What I am hoping is that someone could modify the source code to alter what the A button does during video playback. Instead of A stopping the video, can it be changed to accomplish the sequence of events described above, in essence exiting the current video, selecting the next video from the current folder, and playing it? Obviously you would have to disable during buffer loading.

    I am hoping this type of logic is doable… Anyone that can help – from making the change and recompiling to maybe just pointing me to a compile walkthrough – if what I am describing is possible from within the code – please respond or drop me a PM.

    As it stands now, my daughter has to constantly bring us the wii controller until we land on a show she wants, and I would love to give her the control to cycle videos herself so she can get what she wants independently… It would be a huge step forward and greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,



    Done. Button 2.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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