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    I have looked around and have not seen a list of features that we can look forward to. Is there a road map for future releases any where?


    I’ll speak from my perspective, but please realize there’s two of us working on WiiMC, both me and rodries:

    Definitely not. I’m very busy with real life responsibilities. Personally I don’t plan to add any major new features, now or in the future. Just taking care of small bug fixes and minor improvements takes up more time than I really have. Basically WiiMC remains largely what it was at the beginnning and you won’t see a Version 2.0 forthcoming unless others get involved.

    Of course I’m happy to coordinate the addition of new features coded by others (or even welcome new team members!), while ensuring these features maintain the overall quality and polish of the application. I know that jhb50 has been making small modifications to change the behavior of WiiMC to suit his liking, but when I’ve reviewed these changes in the past I haven’t agreed with most of the behavioral changes (although I’ve added a few :)). There have also been some other code contributions from others, and I don’t want to discount these and pretend they aren’t important.

    However, there really haven’t been any volunteers who have asked to join the project and intend to dedicate themselves to the project like rodries and me. It would be nice to see someone add things like: movie covers and info, audio visualizations, enhanced online media, in-video menus, etc. There also haven’t been any volunteers to write documentation for the project – I’ve finally done some of the basics myself and posted it under Support > Documentation.

    Community involvement is required to further an open source project – you can’t expect 1 or 2 people to be able to do the same amount of work as 10 or 20 can. I can’t say that I’m really surprised at the lack of involvement, but it’s still a little disappointing.


    I can understand your point; I really thought there were more devs on this project than just you two! For just a two person team, the app is definitely great. Your post has motivated me to get back into C and make some changes of my own, maybe you’ll see some patch files come your way 😆 (Though not anytime soon I would imagine).


    Wow I never would have thought only 2 people created this. WiiMC is amazing and so much better than MPlayerCE. 2 thumbs way up to you guys. I am very very happy with it.


    I’ll offer my WIIMC+ Walkthru (see below) as a roadmap of WIIMC functionality and the user enhancements that are available to it. You will find that it does not change WIIMC , but rather just extends WIIMC functionality should one choose to activate the options. Version 7 of the pack for 1.1.3 is close to release with some major improvements in the areas of dynamic screen size and audio delay control on the video bar, the creation and saving of music playlists in standard .pls format, and the ability to terminate WIIMC should it hang while the video player is active.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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