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    Hey all,

    Since updating to 1.1.5 (and subsequent updates to 1.1.6 and 1.1.7) something has gone a bit sideways in the DVD section. If I pause a dvd for more than a minute or two, I cannot resume it again, I have to shut down WiiMC altogether. If I try to just re-mount the DVD i get an “Invalid DVD” message. This issue is reproducable every time.

    Also it appears that every now and again if i try to switch to dvd after watching other video media off a USB hard drive, WiiMC just crashes out to the text screen of death (with the “reloading in 8 secs” message) and returns to the system menu. This issue is intermittent.

    (edit) Slipped my mind to mention that the DVD menu has gone out of alignment with the pointer, I’ve only noticed this as of 1.1.7 I believe. I cant reproduce this all the time, sometimes its fine.

    I have been a WiiMC user for about a year now, so it is necessary for me to thank you guys for your effort in creating and maintaining a player for the Wii.

    Cheers again.


    I am having the same issue. If I pause the movie, Wiimc locks up. It displays the correct place on the progress bar and then when I resume the movie it flickers for second then locks. The progress bar goes blank.


    yep same issue as you guys


    Since I rolled back to 1.1.4 my problems have been resolved.


    Same problem with the pointer alignment for me 😕


    i’m having both these issues. can work around the pointer alignment, but not being able to pause dvd playback for any length of time without breaking it is more of a problem. any chance of a fix? i guess it might just need a delay putting in so that the disc can spin back up before it starts trying to read it again. in the meantime, has anyone found any way to work around it?
    cheers 😎


    Buy a $50 DVD player. WIIMC and the WII are not intended to support DVD playback well. This has been discussed many times.


    Better yet, buy a $50 blu ray player – it’ll also play those 720p/1080p h264 files your Wii can’t.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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