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    Hi, how you doing ? WiiMC is wonderful homebrew and I absolutely love it.

    Anyway, I can use the DVD menu or play the main title at once but I cannot use wiimote to click the language to change the subtitle like a real dvd player can do. Will you add it in the near future ? Sorry about my English, thanks..


    I managed to click Language and click Hearing impaired subtitle and I can watch the movie just fine but no subtitle at all. A bug ? Please test it, thanks.


    Same problem here in France, WiiMC works very fine with all my files (video/audio… on a Synology NAS), but I can’t change language in Setup part of DVD menu (like real DVD system), so it’s always in english.
    A second thing, I have some problems with the navigation in DVD menu. It’s not easy at all to select an item on screen, I’ve got to click under the item (with selected choice).

    Am I the only one with these problems ?

    Big thanks for all your job.


    Press down button, and you can change audio language…
    Press up button, and you can change subtitle language… 😉


    The subtitle was in English but when the movie was running.. there was no captioning anyway.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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