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    Hello everyone, I need some help. I have been reading the forum and tried
    everything to get this mother to work. Please HELLLLLP!!! 😥 😥

    I am running server 08 at my house and am on a domain. Both the wii and the
    server have a static ip. my wii is running 4.0 (i think). When i try to play a dvd it tells me i need to install ios 202.

    Here is what i have tried so far:
    -i put in my username like this: username@domain.local
    -I confirmed that my server is listening to port 445
    -I have messed with the registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services NetBT
    Parameters] SMBDeviceEnabled = 1
    -I messed with the firewall making sure my firewall is not blocking the

    is it my ios?


    Hey, hi. Look i don’t know any about SMB conexion and i don’t speak english very well, but i will try to help you.
    I discharged cios 202 from another way.
    There’s a web page called Emudesc. You can download the Cios installer, they say its same, so you dont need to install cios 202 from the wiimc installer, from here
    I hope you can fix your problem.

    PD: i cant play any movie with this player (media center)


    Did you try making a local name on the server?

    I had 08 for a while (compy died), and when I used SMB sharing, I just made a local user on the server and named it ‘wii’. Then I gave the user ‘wii’ file permissions on my shares.

    Then I just used that username ‘wii’ and the static IP of my box to access the share (without the, and it worked just fine with Tantric’s emulators. I haven’t tried it with WiiMC, but I suppose it would.

    Just a thought.


    thank you poohead. I backed up everything then deleted my domain. I was then logging in locally and made a “wii” local user. It worked like a charm. However, my server is a domain controller. It does not allow users to log in locally and it does not maintain local accounts. WHAT DO I DO IF IM ON A DOMAIN?



    how are you typing in the username? I would suggest trying somedomainsomeuser since someuser@somedomain isn’t working. It definitely won’t work if you are trying to auth a domain account from your wii (which is not a domain member) without specifying the domain in your username.


    That won’t work. Username should be only the username, not DOMAINUser or User@DOMAIN


    tantric has confirmed that he will not support domain shares (NEVER EVER). So I suggest making a small server that would run and supply WiiMC with the protocol it needs. It would be a program that is only friendly to WiiMC and WiiMC will always be able to find the server on the network. I have tried running small ftp server’s with no luck. This is a good suggestion because it would not only fix my problem, but those that are having connectivity problems this could be a quick and easy fix.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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