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    Hi everyone,

    great Media Player. Everything works perfect (images and music) but when i want to load a movie or video file
    or want to watch a DVD the app crashes and a black screen with many numbers appears. Then after a few seconds the homebrew channel is loading again. I have installed the IOS 202 successfully.

    By the way I can play videos and movies without a problem with the MPlayer CE. That is what makes me irritated. 😐
    The problems with the error are only with the WiiMC App.

    Can anyone help me please? What I’m doing wrong?



    Likewise- I have a WD 640Gb Passport split almost in half with WBFS Primary partition and NTFS additional partion.

    Loads, looks groovy but won’t play video files- .avi format, have not tried music. I get a code dump- black screen numbers etc.

    MPlayer CE works but since the last time I updated it it also gives the code dump at the end of playing a file or when you quit from it. The update resolved a temporary hang situation which took minutes to open directories. I’m not sure if this has any bearing but thought the more clues the better.

    Good luck with your project, it looks very promising. Thanks for sharing.


    Please check if you use the WiiMC IOS202 installer.

    Eventually Test this new revision WiiMC No and comment here in Bug Tracker your code dumps…

    anyway test it, with another HD


    I have an external HD partitioned half NTFS – half WBFS.

    When I plug the HD:
    – All the videos on HD crash
    – All the videos on SMB crash (?)

    When I unplug the HD:
    – All the videos on SMB are playing OK


    Unfortunately the new Revison doesn’t solve the Problem.
    I installed the WiiMC IOS202 but no changes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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