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    first of all, i want to thank you for this nice piece of software. I downloaded it this morning and now it replaces my old loud laptop with media portal.

    Sadly, I’ve got some problems with xvid videos.
    I played two different videos encoded with xvid and they both caused a freeze when I pushed the home button on my wiimote. No matter if the video was paused before or not.

    As you can see on this screenshot, the wiimc menu shows up, but then there is no file menu and no cursor anymore.

    If I let the video play to the end, the wiimc menu shows up without any issues.

    Additional information:
    video played from NTFS-drive
    videomode: 480p
    wii: german, system version 4.1
    IOS 202 installed

    I hope you can help



    it also freezes when playing videos throught SMB


    I use xvid exclusively and I am encountering both problems.

    mplayer ce handles these without issues. I really like the new GUI and the “Fast Forward” ability is better in WIIMC, but it is far from stable with xvid and SMB.



    If you post a portion of these videos I will test them. You an use the attached jsplit program to do so. Put the program in a new subdirectory, select the problem file and run it with “bytes per file” set to custom and the size = 3000000 Upload the .1 segment which will be in the new subdirectory.

    As I posted in files with resolutions that are slightly too high for the WII may freeze rather than dump. In my case all my DIVX/XVIDS play fine eg 672×368


    Here is the program. Just unzip it.


    I am getting a freezing problem with v1.0.2 + IOS 202 installed, playing videos over SMB from a Win7 PC. If I seek to somewhere through the file, it will buffer and then freeze.

    It has done it with xvid and also a VOB file so not sure what would be causing it?

    Nice software though, best I’ve seen for Wii yet.


    The problem still exists in 1.0.2
    But now, the screen turns black if i press the home button.

    I splitted the video with JSplit, but when I tried to play/pause the small segment, everything works as it should. The bug seems to appear with larger files only.

    Btw, JSplit has to be executed with compatibility mode (xp) on Windows 7.

    Just tried to play a large xvid video from sd card – no problems here.
    I’m now gonna format my usb drive to FAT and try again.

    //EDIT2: I found out, that this problem does not seem to be connected directly with the playing file. As far as the video remains in a folder alone, the home button works normally.

    1 video – home button works
    5 videos – home button works
    8 video – home button works
    10 videos – screen freezes (just a copy of the 5 previous vids)
    12 videos – screen freezes after going to the home menu the second time
    14 videos – blank screen / freeze

    Although I’m no expert, i guess it’s a kind of memory problem. wiimc freezes if the list of videos in a folder is too long


    Found the problem / solution!

    wiimc freezes if there are to many letters to load.

    I reduced the length of all filenames and no freezes appear anymore – no matter which video was loaded before.

    My previous video filenames were about 60 characters long each…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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