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    hi, i don’t know if i’ve said thanks yet for wiimc and all the work that goes into it, so thanks a lot, love it 😎

    i would be really grateful if you would consider adding support for gapless playback of mp3 files (so when it gets near the end of one file, it starts buffering the next file, and playback can continue without a silent gap in between). this really helps when listening to dj mixes and live albums, and the not insignificant number of studio albums where one track is designed to flow straight into the next. it means we get to hear the music as it was intended, rather than broken up by artificial constructs like files 🙂

    thanks again!


    This has already been adressed and can not be done.This is because you would have to have 2 players running at the same time.One for playing the current song and the 2nd would have to start before the first one finished.
    The playlist function is pretty close.


    thanks for the reply. i couldn’t find any discussion of it from a brief search. shame, it must be possible to do it some way, but oh well. the playlist function is a playlist function, it’s great but it’s not this.

    i don’t get notified of new posts in topics i’ve subscribed to, then when i look again, i’m not subscribed any more. any ideas?


    I was actually hoping to suggest this feature, but figured it had already been addressed, so I’m glad I searched first 🙂

    That does bring me to another question, however – WiiMC seems to have a significant gap between songs. I’m okay with a small gap, but this one seems pretty lengthy at times – I mean, 4-5 seconds seems long to me. That being said, is that just a loading thing, or is it possible to cache the next song before the 1st one ends? or would that still require the whole “2-player” solution/issue that gapless playback has?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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