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    I am a graphics designer and I was wondering if the team would be interesting in hiring me. I work with Photoshop and Cinema 4D and would really like to be part of the team as I use your app everytime. I would also be interested in making a new gui for a new version of WiiMC if there is gonna be one. Thanks!


    I would assume the work they do is more or less volunteer/unpaid
    but i would be very interested to see them use your talents to add some flash to the player although it looks very pretty so far


    I know that it would be volunteer/unpaid, i don’t mind that lol. Yeah i agree it looks awesome so far 😀


    Not sure if we are going to develop another gui
    Maybe add more options while playing a film.


    well it does look sloppy we need a anime type life filled theme for the wiimc and need to redo navi please think about it for years it been the same new to refresh with more links like ustream and sopcast

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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