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    Tried that – no change

    I have now found that the misses updated wiimc to 1.3.1 before i installed wiimc+. Will this have any effect?

    Is it worth deleting all folders and files to do with wiimc and start again?


    “Will this have any effect?”

    No. 1.3.1 just incorporates my YouTube fix which already is in V14. You will have an apps/wiimc and an apps/wiimc-plus and they will run as different applications. You will also have other apps/xxx where each xxx is an autostart copy of wiimc-plus that uses the settings.xml file in apps/wiimc-plus.

    “Tried that – no change” or “sd card doesn’t work in autostartvideo.txt either” or “smb links smb2, smb3 and smb4 – none of these worked either”

    I can’t do any thing with that feedback. I need to know the trace results to determine where it is failing. When I developed autostart, it worked fine with autostartVideo.txt pointing at a directory and playlist on smb1:/. Since my sd card slot is broken, I boot from my USB, so I could not test directories on sd and I did not test directories on usb, and now see that WIIMC has to mount a usb before it is accessed.

    Since I know it worked before, I’d like to get the smb setup to work for you first, and then move on to usb, and sd if you are game.

    To replicate what worked for me before:
    -create an autostartVideo.txt file in your apps/xxx autostart directory containing the line smb1:/autostart
    -create a directory named autostart on your smb1 drive containing a file autostart.m3u which contains playlist entries to the files you want to play. To keep things simple, just use small clips that are on your smb1 drive.
    This setup then allows you to simply change the playlist contents on your pc when you wish to alter what the xxx icon plays on the wii.

    If you can do this and report the trace output, I can add more trace statements and send you a new dol to determine the failure point so we can fix it.


    -create an autostartVideo.txt file in your apps/xxx autostart directory containing the line smb1:/autostart

    Is there supposed to be a folder within, for example, apps/playme called autostart?

    I currently have 4 files in the apps/playme folder

    I’m sure that is what it said in the guide


    your apps/playme has the correct files and the autostartvideo.txt should contain the line:

    Then your smb1: drive needs to have a folder named autostart either containing list of files to be played or a playlist file named autostart.m3u containing a list of files to be played.

    Because you have the autostart setting = on, wiimc+ will get the drive/directory you loaded it from and read the autostartvideo.txt. It will then try and access the directory or playlist named in autostartvideo.txt and if it can it will proceed to autostart the files named therein, otherwise it will start wiimc normally. This is just a repeat of what is in the guide.


    I’ve had a bit of success – and weirdness

    bit of background first…
    on my d drive on my laptop, I have a folder called Downloads
    I am sharing it with the wii and it is been given to smb1
    in my autostartvideo.txt i have smb1:/autostart
    on my laptop i have d:Downloadsautostart
    great so far

    If I put avi files in autostart i have success- they play 1 after another
    but if I put test.m3u in the autostart folder, I get errors back from mplayer.
    but if I start wiimc+ normally and goto the autostart folder and play the m3u file, it loads and plays the playlist fine.

    I have called smb1 “1 Acer Downloads” in the settings
    mplayer returns the error…
    Loading Mplayer with File = smb1:/autostart/test.m3u
    Back from Mplayer with name V N ({1 Acer Downloads:/autostart}
    Player could not find the requested file.Error 9999

    I have put files in Downloads (smb1) and put smb1:myfile.avi in test.m3u
    I have put files in Downloadsautostarttest (smb1:autostarttest) and put smb1:autostarttestmyfile.avi in test.m3u
    I have put files in Downloadsautostarttest (smb1:autostarttest) and put testmyfile.avi in test.m3u
    I have put files in Downloadsautostart (smb1:autostart) and put smb1:autostartmyfile.avi in test.m3u

    All with exactly the same response


    Ah progress!

    So to confirm your autostartvideo.txt says smb1:/autostart.
    If that folder contains a list of files they play.
    If that folder contains a file named test.m3u you get:
    Loading Mplayer with File = smb1:/autostart/test.m3u
    Back from Mplayer with name V N ({1 Acer Downloads:/autostart}
    Player could not find the requested file.Error 9999

    I think the problem is “that playlist must contain relative references within the smb1:/ path on the pc, to the files that are to be played. See the WIIMC+ Guide to playlists for more details.”

    And it says “using relative entries for a song “smb2:/music/artist/song.mp3”, valid playlists are either “smb2:/playlist.m3u” containing an entry “music/artist/song.mp3” or “smb2:/music/playlist.m3u” containing an entry “artist/song.mp3”. Both will resolve to the correct “smb2:/music/artist/song.mp3”.

    Try changing your test.m3u entries to conform to these relative entries..


    I have had to make some changes as smb1 is not laid out for this purpose.

    smb3 has an autostart folder and a media folder
    within autostart is earl.m3u that is using relative entries.


    This still gives me the same result.
    As you can see, earl.m3u is laid out correctly.

    I used Playlist Creator 3.6.2 to make it.


    The code supports both directories and playlists so it should work.


    thanks anyway – I had settled on using it that way for jukebox and with playlist from normally started version


    I’ve had an eureka moment. JUKEBOX+ DOESN’T WORK WHEN RUN FROM USB!!

    That’s were half the problems earlier in the posts came from. I was putting them on the USB in apps to separate them so I can find and diagnose them.

    Is that going to be a possible upgrade or future project?? It would be helpful for it to look whererever the dol is found.


    You have totally lost me. I don’t know what you mean by “run from USB” or “USB in apps”. I told you on Saturday that USB would not work. Anyway i have emailed you a new dol that should support USB.


    You have an apps folder on the SD card which runs wii programs like
    Cheat Manager
    and, of coarse WiiMC
    You can also put an apps folder on your USB drive and run them from there via Homebrew

    I run most of my apps from the USB because its easier to update than the SD card.


    Just tested the new dol file. It works, thanks!!



    Could you test the playlist option again. You did not do it correctly.
    The autostartvideo.txt file must contain the playlist name ie: smb3:test.m3u
    It cannot contain a directory smb:autostart which contains the playlist test.m3u as you did it.


    Happy to report that Jukebox+ now works correctly. The fixed boot.dol will be posted as V14E.

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