How do I downgrade to 1.0.4?

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    I upgraded to 1.0.5 and the new IOS WiiMC 202 1.1, but still did not come my USB … So I wanted to downgrade to version 1.0.4

    How do I do that?!

    Rodolfo izquierdo

    use nusd downloader and use ios 57 v5661 and not select create wad only copy folder into ios folder in sd or create ios folder in root and copy folder 0000000100000039v5661, after use ios 202 installer from before version and install in homebrew channel.
    after delete wiimc folder in apps folder in sd, later install wiimc 1.04 and ok


    Surely you jest!

    Make this #10 on my list of why I won’t install 202.

    Rodolfo izquierdo

    i have use this method for wiimc back to work normally, my usb hdd and usb keys have back to life in wii and wiiiii 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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