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    I’ve been racking my head trying to get hulu to work. I got streaming of my HD files working fine, it took me a bit to get allsp to work (the default max redirects of 0, results in the episode list not pulling up and erroring) I thought maybe I had setup vlc wrong, but that’s not the case because I can stream my HD files. It seems to be an issue with RTMPDump, there was an episode of south park that wouldn’t play using watch directly, used vlc for that one, worked great. Using vlc 1.1.11, RTMPDump 2.4, and vlc-shares 0.54. I tried upgrading to vlc 2.0.1 and the latest beta of vlc-shares with no luck. When I click “Start VLC stream” on the Wii, it has no issues.

    Here’s what I get using that option running an episode of south park (starting it on the Wii, just checking PC for details) But anything with Hulu, and I get this . vlc.exe spawns, as does rtmpgw.exe, so I’m at a loss here. I tried almost all night getting it to work, before I came to post this. Any idea what could be wrong? I’m on Windows 7 x64, and more specifically for RTMPDump, I’m using the 2011/09/25 download.

    edit: Thee error on the Wii’s end is simply “Error Loading File!” when I try to play it. But there’s quite obviously, from what i can see, no actual file to play.


    What page parser lib are you using? Try using with 5.4.


    I just tried both my vlc-share installs with hulu and both seem to be working fine.I’m using the latest v0.5.5 beta with the” MP2v/AC3 over HTTP(ts)” transcode profile for wiimc.Thier is also a newer zend libray thats been out for a few months now.v1.11.11 might help.It seems your up to date with rtmp dump.It also looks like your getting a stream started,just not connecting for some reason.All links in hulu have to be streamed and you can’t use the plus option unless you have an account or real-d.Maybe just bad links,I have found many. Hope this helps some.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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