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    It would be nice that WiiMC supports ID3 tag’s and and can read the covers of music files. 🙂



    i second this. and album artwork in those id3 tags aswell. us itunes users keep all our album artwork right in the id3 tags.


    I think it already does it!
    Here when i play a music it shows correctly the album and the song name, even when the name of the file is wrong.
    the only missing feature is the cover art


    Yes, ID3 Tag V1 and V2 support ! Cover art is suported in ID3-V2 tag !
    I really would like to have the cover feature too, and maybe also lyrics.

    Here is the link to ID3lib sourceforge project, maybe it can be useful !


    Yes please! I have well over 1600 songs in my iTunes folder and with mplayer ce I liked to stream that folder with smb to my wii. That being said, I’d like it to go one step further. I’d really like to sort a list of songs via Name, Artist, Composer, or Album ect… alphabetically


    I second this feature request! It will be definitely perfect for WiiMC being my only one Media Center in my living room, if it show up the cover art integrated in all the id3 tags in every mp3.

    It can show the cover art as a little window besides the other id3 info that already displays, or it can show as a greased background… it will be very nice in the two ways!!! 😀



    i have noticed when playing FLAC files that the ID tag info is not working. i checked the files with Winamp & VLC and they both see the info, so its not the files. i dont know about other file formats, just that MP3 id tags works but not FLAC .

    i’ve noticed this in versions 1.1.4, 1.1.5, and 1.1.6


    YEs please implement the id3tag”cover art” of mp3files please that will be very cool and not only mp3 extend to FLAC files too.

    And also an Vu meter window option or/and basic spectrum analizer will rocks WiiMC please, congrats to wiimc staff wiimc is the most cool app media made for Wii, keep going guys

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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