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    The reason i understand many links do not work is because Wiimc’s programing doesn’t allow web address redirects.
    AKA, Any address that points to a processor on the navi-x site.Also Navi-x is supose to filter these sites out and is why only sites with “wiilist” in the address are going to work.
    ***addr=” *** .

    Sites that have anything else in the address are using a processor and meant for xbox or another platform.
    ***addr=” ***.
    Navi-x is supose to filter these other sites out completley and not even show up on the wii.

    When the user makes up his playlist and includes any site that doesn’t point to the actual video file name and extenson he or she has to use what Navi-x calls a processor.Anything “.com” or similar added to a Navi playlist needs a processor and the wii can’t play.Anything .mpg,.mp4.avi, is an actual video file and No processor is needed.Navi-x Playlist containing these links will work in wiimc.They can also be added directly to wimc’s online.xml file and will play without the use of Navi-x at all.Maybe this will help your efforts for filtering the links.

    I do also hope someone can fix this someday.Navi-x would be great if we could view the media coming from it.Even if its a script we had to host loacaly on our own Server.

    WiiMC User

    I have just discovered navix on my Android phone and my Raspberry Pi.
    My mother in law thinks its amazing and wants to use it. I saw that you can use it on the Wii, but it doesnt offer the same experiane as my phone or RPi.
    Will this ever change?


    I tried several times to view live TV on WiiMC, and each time I find a “live” stream, I get to see 3-10 seconds, and it stops, bringing me back to a list.
    I would love to see actual live TV. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I just updated to the latest version of WiiMC.
    Thanks…Bob M

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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