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    Hello,Just wondered if anyone else can comfirm the Veetle plugin being down.I can still browse the stream links and see the thumbnails,but the “watch directly” and “vlc stream” functions will not stream any veetle links anymore.Been down for 3 days now and thought maybe the site got changed.I also believe hulu and YP is broken too.
    I have 2 different setups/servers and both are the same.win7x64,vlcshares v5.5b2,vlc 2.0.3,rtmp v2.4
    Please help confirm so I can quit messing with it.

    Diane Thomas

    Yep same here dude. Hulu same stuff. Hope someone fixes these plugins. These are the only plugins worth using.


    Hopefully ximarx will come back to the scene,or someone with some codeing skills.I’ve already tried messing with the plugins code. I just don’t have what it takes in my crayon box.You can tell he has put a lot of work into this project,I hope for the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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