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    Loading files from NTFS leads to Code Dump FIXED in 1.0.1 (remove this section at 1.0.2)
    This is a known issue.
    There appears to be a bug in the NTFS library used.

    This may also occur even if you just have a USB device plugged in with NTFS.

    @Tantric (on IRC) wrote:

    [02:44:20] < @Tantric> ok, fantastic. that crash everyone’s getting:
    [02:44:24] < @Tantric> 805c3360: 4b ff ff 2c b 805c328c
    [02:44:24] < @Tantric> 805c3364: 38 00 00 13 li r0,19
    [02:44:24] < @Tantric> 805c3368: 38 60 ff ff li r3,-1
    [02:44:24] < @Tantric> 805c336c: 90 1c 00 00 stw r0,0(r28)
    [02:44:24] < @Tantric> 805c3370: 4b ff ff 1c b 805c328c

    [02:44:33] < @Tantric> there’s your culprit

    Use FAT32 – not a real solution, requires reformatting, no large files.
    Unplug USB – not a real solution if reading files from USB


    Note that this crash can happen even if you aren’t using USB but still have a USB mass storage device plugged in.


    Thanks for the info, I’m sure that’ll help a lot of people (I’ll tell them to pull out their HDD’s if it crashes) 🙂

    @OP: If you want to fix the quote, all you have to do is put Tantric between double quotes ( Those -> ” ).


    Format USB device to FAT file system. This should allow movie playback until the WIIMC NTFS is fixed.

    Great work on WIIMC 🙂


    if fat conversion is not possible (ie file size(4g) limit, time to convert a 2tb drive, etc)
    another workaround is to samba share the drive and let the host computer resolve the ntfs issues.


    well at least now i know why i keep code dumping…cant wait for this issue to be fixed, looked at the player one time and fell in love with…


    Im running windows7 on host machine with smb and 1.0.1 of wiimc and my wii still froze up then went back to blank menu screen… i unplugged the usb hard drive and am trying again i will let all know if this solves the problem. ❓

    UPDATE: No this made only slight difference… I made it 35 min into movie and it tried to buffer and then asked if i wanted to retry… I click retry and i got code dump and wii reboot!! I am really hoping for fix cuz i love this player!! 😥


    An issue I and a couple of others are having is that we seem to get DVD ERROR’S.

    However, with me, I was ABLE to play DVD’s. Then I messed around with the Wii, enabling some features, and doing some stuff, and now I can’t seem to play DVD’s.


    AFAIK this is all obsolete information and should be removed from the stickys.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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