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    Hi WiiMC,

    The Wii is not exactly an HD system, nor does it have super fast wireless, I would assume (802.11g). I have kept the grand majority of the movies that I watch over the LAN to about 750meg and they play just fine. More and more movies are coming out much larger like 1.5Gig, 2.5Gig, etc. These larger movies display perfectly on the hosting PC via VLC (local PC access to the files). When playing them over the Wireless LAN on the Wii using WiiMC you get a tonne of stuttering and often not really playing the movie at all (audio yes, video no, then movie stops, hang…).

    Question, I would assume the Wifi connection in the Wii is just a simple 802.11g connection, which is about 56Mps (but probably less, most connections are more in the 40’sMps). So, the LAN connection wirelessly I would assume is nothing to write home about (note this is nothing to do with internet speed questions). If I install a wired Wii LAN adapter, is it faster ? Like is the LAN adapter 100Mps ? And if anyone has installed the Wii LAN adapter, have they been able to view larger movies over the network ?

    There is no “real” need to BT download larger movies as the Wii is not an HD machine, but sometimes the number of seeders on the 1.5, 2.5 gig movies is way way more (they are popular!). Anyone have any experience here ?

    I have read on other Wii sites (not WiiMC) that there is NO speed increase by using the Wii LAN adapter. This is why I ask the question.



    The problem here isn’t your wifi, it’s the increased resolution of those larger files. The Wii just can’t handle them.


    Just to expand apon what he said:

    Stuttering/jerking is usually caused by the CPU being unable to handle the load. (*Resolutions > 480)
    IF on the other hand it was having to constantly rebuffer your movie that would be a likely issue due to the WIFI.
    (*To be absolutely clear, by “rebuffer” I mean playback stops and the normal buffering % counter appears)

    Usually it takes 4-6+gigbyte files to actually max out the WIFI.
    (I’ve pulled it off since my collection is based off transcoded MPEG2 dvd->MKV)

    If you are convinced it’s a WIFI issue you can always test it yourself by loading the file locally to a SD, USB Flash, or USB Harddive. You will need USB2 support loaded via ISO58 to be sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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