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    You people are ****.

    Let me extrapolate.

    Every problem I have is apparently MY fault. What strikes me as strange is that when the project launched, I read all over the wii brew scene that it was supposed to be easy and no fuss. Well, it’s very fussy. Easy, maybe. Either way, every suggestion or comment I’ve made has been met with me being told that I don’t know what I’m doing with it, or I don’t understand this or that, or some such BS.

    If your goal was an easy, no fuss media center app for the Wii, yet a pretty technically savvy person can’t get it to run stably or reliably, then I’m sorry, but you have failed abysmally.

    Good luck building a community around a bunch of dickheads. Have fun with all that.

    How do I delete my account?

    Or can you just ban me or something?


    LOL!!! This one gave me a good laugh this morning! Relax dude, how much do you know about modding a Wii??? I don’t know anything about it at all, but I know how to mod Xbox’s… it really shouldn’t be rocket science. I admit, the support for WiiMC is definitely lacking as it is strictly user driven and there is not a lot of Team WiiMC correspondence… no doubt.

    Realize though that this project has a few devs, no technical support team and really just started very recently. If you think support here is shit, try going to Team Xecuter, FTA forums, or XBMC forums… you’ll really wish you didn’t get help at all after dealing with those guys… their REAL ****, and trust me their even less nice about telling you that you don’t know what you’re talking about, whether it’s true or not.

    Just drop a note here and check up every other day… your answer should come eventually. Otherwise, it’s back to reading for you until you figure it out yourself or get too pissed to try using WiiMC. What choice do you really have??


    Team Navi-X


    So wait, I’m supposed to spend half my waking hours coding WiiMC, and the other half answering questions about it? At the moment there are only two WiiMC devs. Two. And we’re busy people with lives just like you. The idea behind creating the forum wasn’t to make a place for “Team WiiMC” to run around helping people, it was to create a place for users to help each other. As as mentioned by ironbill, this is an extremely new project. It takes time to iron out the bugs, establish a userbase, develop documentation, user guides, and tutorials. Just don’t expect two people to do it all (especially right away). At this point it’s been thrown out there and I expect it to be a community effort.


    What he said ironbill is correct, the only developers here is Tantric and Rodries.
    If you have seen, WiiMC exist since April 15 (approximately one month) …
    For all users and supporters, it is difficult to re-create all the various problems that come in help & support section, and you can wander very easily an answer …

    for me is a big disappointment that you be offended, and want to be removed from the forum …


    HA!!! Judging by the fact you got quick answers (mine came within an hour from when you posted), maybe you should just post your troubles here and relax a bit. Sometimes I don’t get answers from forum staff or users on other forums for weeks… it’s to be expected sometimes. Patience is important.



    sounds to me like the only **** here is the one who posted this thread……..if you dont like a free program, **** OFF AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND QUIT ****….these guys bust their **** to bring something as cool as this to ppl , and ****tards like you have to ruin it…..if you have a lil sand in your ****…..just brush it out and go change your tampon….you will be just fine!!!!!! As for this program i think it beats any mc out there hands down…….of course theres always going to be bugs in any new software, you cant expect it to be perfect out of the gate….and if you do YOUR A DAMN FOOL!!!! Any way THANK YOU TEAM WIIMC FOR MAKING THE MOST BAD **** MC ON THE PLANET……AND **** ALL THOSE WHO ARE HATERS!!!!!………….NUFF SAID!!!!!!!


    I apologize for what I said about the application. I didn’t mean that I don’t like the application, I meant that I don’t like the forum, and by association, the “community” that seems to be cropping up around it. I read my post again, and realize why it seems I don’t like the application. I definitely do. I hope it becomes stable enough to use regularly. I definitely think it’s severely beta quality at this point, but whatever. I’m sure it will progress steadily, and when it’s ready, I’ll be using it daily.

    When I wrote the title of the thread, “Least helpful forum, ever.”, I meant that I think the forum is unhelpful. I understand that since the forum is attached to the project itself, maybe it could be construed as me hating on wiimc. I also understand that this statement was unnecessary and derogatory: “If your goal was an easy, no fuss media center app for the Wii, yet a pretty technically savvy person can’t get it to run stably or reliably, then I’m sorry, but you have failed abysmally. “

    That said, I have a lot of respect for the devs and I apologize. I still think this forum is bullshit though.


    Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so I will carry out the ban as requested. 😀


    i absolutely dont get the hostility…first off if you haven’t at least an iota of technical ability you absolutely shouldn’t be modding consoles to begin with. if you got far enough to even soft-mod the wii you should have little to no trouble from this application.

    it is pretty well planned out, and likely pretty well written. the bulk of the media player is borrowing code from mplayer which is the best media player ever…

    oh well… tantric and rodries … both of you have done an absolutely fantastic job on this app. it is hands-down one of the best applications out there for the wii. there are a lot of talented coders working hard to bring us these things for no money, very little time, and and almost effort on our parts. the least we can do is give you all a big hand and hope that you never listen to people who obviously came with the intention of trolling to begin with. you guys are great, your media center is off to a smashing start regardless of what anyone says.

    im not the kiss-ass type either… lol. this is seriously one of the cleanest apps ive run on my wii…barring a few crashes here and there which i expect in homebrew, it is fantastic.

    people don’t understand that you guys are basically doing everything that you do based on reverse engineering and very little released documentation on a completely closed platform… kudos to every wiibrew developer.


    I use this Excellent FREE app on my wii it`s easy to set up and works a treat if anyone is finding it wont work then remod your wii


    I don’t get what’s not userfriendly about this program, once I setup the network connections to my server, my 4 year olds use this on a regular basis to be able to watche their movies and cartoons, and I don’t have to worry about scratched up dvds not being put back in their cases. They even know how to reboot the wii and get back into the program incase it hangs.

    Yes original poster, you read that right, apearently you have less technical savvy than a 4 year old.


    Seriously, this has got to be one of the funniest threads ever. I nearly bricked my Wii a couple times when attempting to softmod it. And even I figured out on my own how to make WiiMC share with Windows 7. Very easy setting it up, in fact easier than xbmc on my xbox. I still consider myself a noob about PC’s in general but I at least understand how to edit a few lines in an xml doc., if I fell like doing a little tweaking. I don’t think he realizes that half the fun of these things is figuring out how to do something cool with a nice little program like this, and being the first to share it with the community. Oh well.

    If only dear chad had stuck around a little longer to see there is a lot to learn here now. 😀


    I think he was pissed about not getting an answer, and started to backpedal when he got replys….lol…SERIOUSLY THOUGH….if there realy only two people dev. this project….then i think he was looking at the glass half empty…..when he should have been seeing it half full……Keep up the great work…

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