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    I’d like to help improve support for Navi-X with WiiMC. Are there any technical limitations preventing processor support? My hope is to add support directly into WiiMC, but I imagine there is a good reason why it lacks that functionality. If nothing else, I can take the easier route by providing a multiplatform local server that does the leg work and provides WiiMC with list it can already parse. There would be some obvious problems with this approach – like if the server is expecting a flashplayer user-agent, correct referrer, a cookie, or requires that a captcha be solved. I imagine that most things will work fine even with these shortcomings though.

    I’d be very grateful for any information you guys can provide!

    edit: Looks like I’ll be making the proxy server since all aspects of it are practically done already(parser, NIPL, server). Can’t believe it was that easy and nobody else has beat me to it. Only ~3000 lines; most of it ripped directly from Navi-X. It’ll have some limitations I will not be able to address, but it’ll work about as well as current xbmc4xbox which is still very good.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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