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    I would like to test the WiiMC code on the SVN. I have downloaded the code (yesterday, r132) from the subversion repository as indicated here, and compiled as indicated here. However, the linkage process in the last compilation step (step 5, “make” from the main folder) fails, because it does not find many symbols. All of these symbols are ending in “_png”. One example is:

    d:/wiimc/source/libwiigui/gui_keyboard.cpp:105: undefined reference to `keyboard_textbox_png'

    I have searched the code and, effectively, this variable is never defined (other than “extern”). Does this problem arise because you haven’t already uploaded the appropriate theme images to the server? Is there any workaround to test the program early?

    Thanks in advance!!!


    The answer is that I’ve purposefully not uploaded the theme images to prevent you or anyone else from compiling before the official release. I don’t want the chance of a beta build leaking out.


    OK!!!! Thanks for your answer. Let’s wait!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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