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    Hi folks,

    My Shared Folders in VLC Shares is “R:/” which is a local drive

    I also have some Windows Shares with video files on them that I would like VLC Shares to serve-up. PHP does not support SMB drive mappings I have found out, but it is supposed to support traditional windows drive mappings.

    I have mapped Z: to \lesgameLes Downloads persistantly and it works well upon relogin, but when I go into VLC Shares and add a new Shared Folder

    “Z:/” which is a Network Drive . When I Browse, Shared Folders, I get “Move on, nothing more to see here”

    I am pretty sure PHP should be able to interact with a mapped network drive, it’s just drive Z: but VLC Shares, seems to be not happy 🙁 Any ideas on a work around ?


    If your able to browse the folder but not seeing any videos then you are probally trying to see file extensions not supported by vlc-shares.The ‘move on message’ means your inside the folder but not finding any supported video file types.only files that are supported show up.

    I have a windows network drive connected with no problem.Depending on how your directorys are setup,you might have to use the ‘linux root directory’ or foward slashes.


    Cool, I will keep playing with it. Nice to know someone has mapping working sucessfully, cause it should work. Yes, it’s a Windows Only environment, the server is not linux nor the the Windows share I am trying to connect to. I have VLC Shares now installed on two of my media servers. One is for low def stuff (for the kids) on is for the HD stuff (adults). My ultimate plan is to run VLC Shares on only the fast HD media server and map to the Low Def files on the other server. It should work, just need to get the path statement working well. Oh, I was not able to browse to the DRIVE in question, the java like app in VLC Shares seems to just restrict me to the C: windows drive unfortunately. I don’t know of any way around that. I manually pounded in R:/ to access a different local drive. Are you able to “browse” to a drive other then C: ? Because, I can’t… What goofy picture do I click on to get to a different drive ?

    Regarding the “move on message” there ARE directories on that mapped network drive, so I should be able to see those folders. Hum, processing, maybe I will try

    Z:/~Movies/ that will put it directly into the folder holding the .avi files. Nope, no dice, same error. Lets try,..
    //LESGAME/Les Downloads/~TV Series/ which would be SMB direct access if this PHP server supports SMB which I don’t think it does, nope, same “move on message”. Drive Z IS mapped to //LESGAME/Les Downloads/ on the media server. Just hard coding Z:/ “should” work, frigg.

    If you don’t mind, would you be able to copy and paste your actual Shared Folders path statement. Then I will for sure have the slashes going in the correct direction. I know exactly what you mean, linux wants one way, windows the other 🙁

    Also, um, how did you do your map statement on your Win 7 (I assume) machine. Windows GUI with Reconnect at Login or Dos map command (aka NET USE …. /persistent:yes ) ? I am currently using the GUI.

    Thanks Emerkamp


    Sorry its been awhile since i had it going and i’ve done complete re-installs of windows on every PC in my house since then.I think,if i remember right it has a lot to do with the way your directories are when you run the setup part of either php or vlc-shares,Remember PHP IS portable.I think i recall installing php to another local drive,Not C: but like D: and vlc-shares to it also, or possablay another.I’t might of even been one with another o.s on it and i used an ip# some how to get to it.Sory it’s just been too long for me to be 100%,but i know i watched movies from the drive downstairs. vlc-shares seems to be fadeing away,almost all plugins are down.but it was good while she lasted.

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