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    Wii-MC’s Navi-X support is very limited in that it is only capable of playing http and mms streams and has no support for Navi-X site processors. This is a proxy server written in Python that acts as a middle-man to greatly extend Wii-MC’s Navi-X support by pre-processing playlists and content that require a processor to resolve, and then sending the result to Wii-MC in a format it supports. It uses rtmpgw from rtmpdump to handle rtmp streams, and now supports transcoding though VLC to make HD content playable on the Wii.

    To login to navixtreme to access your playlist, set navixtreme_username and navixtreme_password in navix.cfg. Once you start the server, you will be logged in, your user_id.dat will be generated, and the password field will be cleared.

    Set HOST in navix.cfg to your computer’s local ip address and add the following line to WiiMC’s onlinemedia.xml (change to your local ip address):

    You might want to set a static IP for this.

    Set USE_RTMPGW in navix.cfg to True.

    *On windows – you can download the precompiled binaries and copy rtmpgw.exe into the naviprox folder. Then set RTMPGW_LOCATION in navix.cfg to rtmpgw.exe.

    *On linux – you can install rtmpdump from your package manager. Then set RTMPGW_LOCATION in navix.cfg(you can run “sudo updatedb && locate rtmpgw” to find where it is installed)

    *On OSX – Try installing rtmpdump from here, and set RTMPGW_LOCATION in navix.cfg to /usr/local/bin/rtmpgw.

    Use rtmpdump v2.4 for highest compatibility. rtmpdump’s main site (has precomplied windows binaries) is located here, but it is highly recommended that you compile the latest pu branch from source here.

    Set use_vlc in navix.cfg to True, as well as vlc_location to where the vlc executable resides much like you would do with rtmpgw. An example path for Windows XP would be C:Program Filesvideolanvlcvlc.exe.

    VLC helps by transcoding video files making all content playable and ensures that you can start the video back up if WiiMC drops the connection. The caching and transcoding settings are exposed in navix.cfg so you can tweak to your liking. VLC will automatically be closed when you go back to a playlist or the video finishes.

    You will need python 2.6 or 2.7 installed, you can get it here. Linux and OSX users can start this by pulling up a terminal, going into the extracted directory and running “python”. Windows users should be able to launch this by double-clicking “windows.bat”.

    Version 0.34beta – replaced smartcaching’s CHKSUMs with MD5 to prevent collisions; use base64 to encode landing pages to workaround WiiMC unescaping percent signs; added workaround for a letmewatchthis search bug; changed VLC’s parameters to match that of VLC-Shares

    DISCLAIMER is usually under heavy load. WiiMC will sometimes timeout before loading pages, just try again and it should load from cache.
    -I can not fix many “buffering” issues, as I have no control over the sites. Try a better site if possible or increase your buffer.
    -Hosters requiring a captcha will not work (clicktoview, vidbux, vidxden). This might be supported in the future.
    -I am not a member of the Navi-X team.
    -This program makes fairly extensive use of Navi-X’s source code and is bound by the Navi-X GPL license agreement.

    If you come across any bugs, or your your favorite playlist is not working correctly, feel free to post and I’ll try to get it fixed. Not everything available in Navi-X is well-maintained, please make sure it works in XBMC before reporting issues.


    I am glad to know that someone is still keeping the Wii streaming community alive. I am very interested in giving this a try. Thank you fdm!


    Thanks, feel free to ask if you have any problems, need help, or have any input. This last version released should improve things quite a bit.

    I honestly didn’t know about VLC-Shares when I made this, but I suppose that project is very different and it’s nice to have multiple options available. Can’t say I like all it’s dependencies either, though I do like their GUI.


    I tried this method. Everything loads up on wii. Connects fine, but whenever i click a tv channel for example, and choose the VLC, it says buffering and then error loading file. What is wrong? Got a new VLC. I just can’t figure this out. Help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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