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    Good evening all!

    I (drunkenly) updated WiiMC last night after it’s been working flawlessly for ages and I paid the price.

    The channel itself will load fine. I have a clean install now. The problem lies when I attempt to connect to a network share. It crashes the channel and the Wii itself. Black screen, no response, I have to reboot it.

    I know my shares are all working fine… I can access them everywhere else no problem and it was clearly working before the update.

    Any help would be great. My first guess is to downgrade a few versions (going to do that now) but want to let you all know what happened and how it’s going.

    To be clear: IOS58, HBC working, WiiMC v.1.2.8.

    Thanks in advance!


    We’re all aware of this. Go back to 1.2.7.


    We are? I’ve been running on 1054 aka 1.2.8 for weeks now and have had no crashes or SMB problems. Want to be a bit more explicit as to why we should downgrade?


    This problem relates to a change to libogc not WiiMC itself that apparently isn’t compatible with linux-based SMB.
    The change is only present in the official compile.

    What I meant was if you’re having problems, go ahead and go back to 1.2.7


    So I take it that 1.2.8 is using changes to libogc that have not yet been incorporated in Devkitpro, but the libogc released with DKP R26 works fine and does not create the SMB problem.


    is there a way to get rid of the “an update is available” message? I hope the next update corrects the SMB problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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