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    First of all, congrats and thanks for this nice software. It has given my home media a new lease of life.

    My home file server is simply an old ibook running osx leopard with an attached USB drive which can be accessed from other machines. I have shared my media using smb and it works great with WiiMC. One problem I’m facing is that osx creates quite a few hidden files (resource forks?) with names starting with dots (.DS_Store, ._Mymovie.avi etc ). These are normally not visible while using Windows or Macs but WiiMC displays them all in the begining of the list. So on my folder with lots of files, I need to scroll down a lot before accessing the real media file.

    So my question is – is there a way to not show hidden system files (anything that starts with a dot) while using smb. Alternatively could you make it an option to sort by name so that it comes at the end of the list.

    [Edit] Just tested by hiding files on WIndows shares and WiiMC displays them too. So broadening the question – Is it possible to not display “hidden” files and folders on a drive.


    I can also see my hidden system folders

    will there be a files filter to only show audio/video files, like Mplayer


    It already only shows audio/video files.

    You’re talking about folders, those are a different story. But in 1.0.4 folders starting with . will be hidden.


    WiiMC hide the folders also for name starting with $ symbol.

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    Reason: implemented!!! 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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