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    Hi WiiMC Team. Fantastic release. Very stable and works with every file I’ve thrown at it. 🙂

    My suggestion is the following playback options.

    Play All, Play Folder, Play One, Repeat. :geek:

    The option to play every single file on every folder on a source is a very useful thing and it is great for use with things like TV shows. 😀

    I’ve noticed when I fast forward through one file then go back to the file list and fast forward through another file the app remembers where I was in every single file I’ve been flicking through even when I power off my Wii. That is pretty impressive. That might be an issue with my suggestion unless a Play from start occurs when using my suggested feature. 😕


    I also agree that being able to play a folder would be very nice. Bit hard to queue up a large music folder with no playlist 😉

    keep up the awesome work on the project!


    This request has already been done a million times…

    Please use the search before opening a topic… 😉


    I hate to comment on this posting, since pista says it has been asked before, but the search option is not too friendly when it comes to this topic. For example a search of folder play next yeilds nothing, as it says the words are too common.

    I was thinking, if the auto play feature is to be enabled for video files, then maybe it could be implemented as follows:
    After the file is finished playing, assuming there are other files after the current one and in the same directory, it should come back to a screen similar to the one presented by pressing the home button. The difference would be at the bottom it would say something similar to:

    On the left: “Next in 10 seconds: Filename” On the right: “Cancel”

    Instead of the displaying the current playing file and resume, one would see this and be able to cancel the playback of the next file. The seconds could be configurable and count down and then auto play if the bar is not clicked.


    Wow, I totally agree on boondoklife’s idea. That would be amazing! No really, please implement that 💡


    @haiggoh wrote:

    Wow, I totally agree on boondoklife’s idea. That would be amazing! No really, please implement that 💡

    Yea, this is one function I miss from the old MPlayerCE builds. I work with a doctor that uses the wii in his children’s lobby to stream movies one after the other. I was going to update the system there with WiiMC but with out this function I can’t. 😕

    On a side note, I really think the program should say “Now Playing” or “Playing” next to the movie name when you press the home button. It would really add a more professional touch, just my two cents though.



    Can’t say how much I love this soft…

    I think it would also be great to have a similar “resume” function as the one for not finished videos (which I love by the way, especially since it can remember more than one video), for the file browsing.
    For exemple, if I watch several series at the same time, I do not always remember the last episode I saw from one, if the browser showed me the last played that would be great.

    Thanks again !!!!!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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