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    Just a quick reply to address some of the things you guys have mentioned…

    The rounded gradient is approximately 70kb PNG-24, if you want to half it and flip it, it reduces down to 35kb.

    Reflection did look kinda cool but I think it doesn’t work in this case… nice work though!

    I’m not too fussed about the glass effect, I but didn’t have it in mind when I created it. If you guys think it’d look good I don’t really mind, but in the end it’s really Tantric/rodries’ decision.


    Agreed, it doesn’t bother me what is used as it can be personalized by replacing the images and compiling a custom build.


    View full size (not blurry at all)

    Here’s a mockup of the videos menu with metadata pane. Couldn’t really figure out a way to get the WiiMC logo in there at a good enough size without getting in the way, so I’ve just reduced it to the equalizer for now. I’ll work on it.

    Also, excuse the old videos icon. Won’t be using it in the final version.


    Also, two mockups for in-video settings (would slide up after selecting the “Settings” cog next to the controls).

    First, settings menu (could easily add more if needed):

    View full size

    And secondly, this is what you’d see after making a selection. Instructions would appear at the top of the screen, icon in the middle and back button at the bottom. Corners are only there to help position the screen, they wouldn’t be present in say the Brightness or Subtitle modes.

    View full size

    None of these use rounded gradients or anything so images should be easily tileable.


    Is this still being pursued? Are there any new developments?


    This thread seems kind of dead… Has there been any progress? Maybe the discussion is on another thread?
    I have a few ideas about adding caps/meta and would like to contribute as well.
    BTW, the configurable usb loader (CFG) can generate a link to download all the required pics and info for those that don’t have the Wii connected to WiFi.


    AFAIK the new UI isn’t being developed, at least not yet. I’m happy to contribute when the others have time, but I’m pretty sure Tantric has his hands full with bug fixes etc. already…


    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, I have installed homebrew on my Wii recently and the first software I installed after Homebrew Browser was WiiMC. Basically, I’m loving it. It brings the features of a TV that costs $900 to a $500 one: YouTube and ShoutCast :).

    I came across this thread accidentally and the mockups of the possible future GUIs for WiiMC are really nice, all of them. I see we have many talented graphics designers and few developers to code the GUI where to insert the graphics. (Obviously I understand Tantric has much more to do than going about coding a new GUI for WiiMC).

    It’s a shame nobody’s working on a new GUI, even if it’s just mockups. I’m going to see how to setup a development environment to compile WiiMC (I’m just thinking on how many headaches installing devkitpro on Linux will give to me) and try to do *something*. (even if it’s just changing an icon, it’ll be very good :))

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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