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    Will WiiMC have scraping and cover art from IMDB? If not you might consider the ability to show a
    This JPG could be created with an external software like it’s done for the Tvix, using Tvixie (

    Just an idea… Also would be cool if the folders would be represented by a cover.jpg if located within the folder.

    Looking forward to the first release. I’ve got my Popcorn Hour A110 setup. It’s a rather slow device when it comes to browsing so if the WiiMC turns out to be a rapid browser I’ll turn the Popcorn Hour into a slave to use with the WiiMC.



    In the original wiki-new gui I saw movie covers. Can someone verify this feature and quick documentation?


    No such feature and not happening anytime soon.


    Ah thats a shame. If not online scraping then perhaps pulling from a local folder?


    My suggestion for an easier first solution:
    1. Anybody wanting on-line media information install XBMC Linux/Windows/Mac on their computer, use that to scrape all infos off the ‘net, and then export the media information to XMLs (XBMC nfo:
    2. Besides reading (more of) id3 tag information for audio WiiMC should be able to read and display information (maybe also search in the future) out of these XBMC nfo files.

    A good example is PopCorn hour, which also seems to make use of the XBMC nfo format. Thus this could be a generic media info format across multiple platforms!


    Tried it. WiiMC isn’t looking at my .nfo’s
    Would be a nice feature though.


    What’s the point, i understand it for games, but for movies/series, not needed what so ever. I guess it may look effective though, that’s about it.


    What do you mean, “What’s the point?”? I think the point is to have metadata attached to movies for sorting/searching. You know, like.. say you wanted to watch a Coen Brother’s movie, but don’t know which, it’d be nice to list them. Or movies with a particular actor, or made in a particular year. These are just examples of reasons I’ve used metadata attached to movies..


    @djdynamite wrote:

    What’s the point, i understand it for games, but for movies/series, not needed what so ever. I guess it may look effective though, that’s about it.

    Actually I would disagree with djdynamite on this. I think that this is a crucial function for a successful media center, otherwise it would be just a good looking video and music player.
    Anyway anybody that has a big movie, music and tv shows collection would appreciate this functionality. You may have 50-100 games and would remember all of them, but if you have about 2TB video content it could be tough to remember if you have seen the movie and what was the movie about. 🙂


    I know mostly whats in my 1600 file database and find it hard to identify some movies. If someone else is looking at the titles despite being categorized they’d have no clue. This is why having meta data or even just covers would be useful for me.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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