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    This would be a minor improvement, but simple to be implemented.

    SMB browsing is being discussed in a different topic, and it is not likely to be implemented. However, the addition of new SMB shares might be simplified:
    – The SMB share name might be the 3rd field, instead of the first
    – The IP address (1st field) might be pre-filled with the identifier of the LAN. This is, if the Wii IP is and the network mask is, the IP field might be pre-filled with “192.168.1.“. Since most times the server will be in the same LAN, this reduces the use of the virtual keyboard and it is less prone to errors.
    – After adding the SMB folder name (2nd field, simpler if SMB browsing could be implemented, but in any case), the SMB share name might be pre-filled. For example, if the IP is “” and the SMB folder is “Movies“, the SMB share might be initially called “Movies in“.

    Note that the idea of this suggestion is to simplify the SMB addition. Since there are many problems with it (have you considered adding a sepparate forum only for SMB problems?) this might save some problems related with mistakes with the virtual keyboard.

    Best regards!!


    Thanks for the suggestions. If you leave the display name blank it uses the share name. I like the idea about prefilling the IP though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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