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    Been playing with this for sometime, even reverted versions several times, looking for something amiss. Currently using WiiMC 1.3.3…

    My Wii is connecting wirelessly. Static IP, no workgroup problems, all configured out well. SMB server is on linux, but it doesn’t matter if I share from a Win7 or XP box, same thing happens.

    After viewing media—and sometimes WHILE viewing media (about 35 min into a show), the SMB server cannot be found. Get the Network disconnected error in the file browser. Solution so far has been to get out of Wiimc—back to the homebrew lister, and then re-enter WiiMC. Please note—I don’t have to leave Homebrew entirely—don’t have to go back to the Wii menu—just back out of WiiMC, and reload it, and all is well again.

    Have diagnosed this down to the following: ftp works just fine. Online media works just fine. It’s SMB that fails—like tinysmb crashes, and requires a network stack reboot to pick back up.

    Need to know what info you’d need—I’ll debug this as much as possible if there is a way to attach such a log—but it’s not something that I can’t (and haven’t) worked around. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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