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    SMB itself is just a spec – the actual SMB implementation is a custom one written Wii only – by me – it’s called tinySMB. So it’s quite possible (and actually a certainty) that there are bugs in tinysmb. Especially since people have reported that MPCE 0.62 (which would use an older tinysmb) has completely stable SMB.


    That’s what I call an honest man!


    If you are interested to stream (and transcode, so no more video limits) from vlc to wii and want to do all by wiimc, this can be a solution


    I had some problems with Wiimc over wifi each time I change my wireless router. But its more like tune up the router than a problem of the software.

    I changed my router 3 times already and learned some tricks that maybe could help other people.

    1 – Try to use AES encrypt, from my tests that increase the stability on wifi connection between pc and wii (avoid using mixed modes or multiple encrypt methods if you can)

    2 – Try not using mixed modes for wifi speed, set default 802.11g or b, don’t even try to use n

    3 – Disable the energy power saving from wifi card or usb lan adapter, for the usb adapter need to disable the power saving on usb ports also from device manager tree.

    4 – Disable dhcp on wii and set a static ip

    5 – Disable any QoS or Enhance Multimidia function on wireless router, that cause more trouble than advantages

    6 – On Windows 7 or Vista (don’t remember if on XP its the same) use cryptografy 40 or 56 on network share central

    Well, these procedures helped me every time I needed to tune a new router to work with Wiimc or Mplayer-CE, try one by one and I promess that will increase the stability of you connection between wii and pc. For me, I can say my wifi connection is very stable, maybe a freeze each 30 hours of videos, and some of these freezes mostly are caused by bad media file. I’m using cache 20% btw on Wiimc

    *Sorry for my english*

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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