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    I connect to my shares fine but after a few mins idle cant play anything and it says it cannot reconnect to smb 1

    at this stage i could still actually have a music playlist streaming with no problems …except i cant add more to the playlist untill i restart the app and there is no saving of the playlist as far as i know. Also i can connect to other shares at this stage but they also start locking up after a bit of idle time.

    also after a few mins paused on an avi it stops caching the avi so when i unpause it just plays a min or so before freezing.

    Is this just because the wireless on the wii is so unreliable?

    is there some way of refreshing my shares to reconnect without restarting the app?….even a restart button that reloads wiimc would help to make restating it quicker.

    i do have ios202 installed btw!


    I have no problem with SMB or WII Wireless and my router is in the basement at the other end of the house.

    Be sure you have your wireless set to channel 11 to avoid interference and make sure that any devices that transmit on 2.4ghz like video extenders or cell phones are using channels that do not interfere. For me 11 works without touching my other devices. See the WII documentation re the best channel.

    Hope that helps.


    Yes im on channel 11

    it cant be interference doing this as i still play the music that is in the playlist already just cant browse shares to add more or play something else untill restarting the app

    Just trying out 1.04 to see if this fixes my issues at all so far ive tried the music and it seems to be going better no issues so far but ill report back after testing a bit more

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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